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Support Cold Spring Ridge Trail

Not part of our budget and original plan of work for this year, you can really make a difference for the Ridge Trail by donating today!

The Cold Spring Ridge Trail has long been a favorite to create a loop with the East Fork of Cold Spring. The trail, which was opened under controversial circumstances in the early 2000's, has been a popular route for years, but was technically considered unofficial. 

The trails' rouge days were ended on State Trails Day in April when volunteers headed out to begin to tame the Wild West roots of the Ridge Trail; brushing, clearing trees and creating sustainable drainage. Much was accomplished in April, but it was just the beginning. 

Partnered with Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation, MTF has hired Los Padres Forest Association to help us bring the Ridge Trail into our maintenance plan and envision a much improved drainage and routing plan. One of the greatest challenges with the Ridge Trail is small "social trails" or reroutes that have sprung up over the years. As a result of the trail not being professionally maintained users have created these routes to get around downed trees, to cut up to vistas, avoid poor drainage spots and as a result, the true trail is difficult to follow at some points and often misleading. As we establish the primary route, we ask you to help us by staying on it and educating others. Cutting trails not only kills habitat, but it creates drainage and erosion problems. 

Once the abundance of "social trails" are closed, the second phase kicks-off and that's our favorite part! Improving a great routing with even better drainage, brushing and tread work! Over the next season, we'll be sure to host volunteer days out on the Ridge Trail and give you a chance to join in the fun. 

Over the years we have received a great multitude of calls to clear trees on the Ridge Trail. At the time we did not have permssion to work on that trail and were unable to literally, or figuratively heed the call. Those days have ended, and we'll be happy to have the hotline bling in response to the needs of the Ridge Trail.

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