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Our Commitment

Thanks to the generous support of donors like you, the Montecito Trails Foundation is able to maintain the financial and operational independence that allows us to maintain and restore a network of 90 miles of trails in a trail system that winds through front country in Montecito, Summerland and Carpinteria, California. Our work is for every person, dog and horse that wanders onto our trails, ensuring all have access to the beauty of our mountains and the health benefits of being outdoors.


On behalf of MTF volunteers, staff, and, most importantly, everyone who utilizes our trails, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to you for your belief in our work and your ongoing support in making it a reality.

In return for your support, we would like to offer this information as an expression of our commitment to you, our supporters, on how MTF uses your donations in the most effective and cost-efficient manner, while adhering to stringent fundraising ethics.

Financial Efficiency

More than 95% of your donations are used to further our mission.  Less than 5% on an annual basis are directed towards administrative expenses.

Ethical Fundraising

We request funds from donors through email, our website and direct campaigns.  We are firmly committed to safeguarding your donation and respecting your privacy. We adhere to the highest ethical standards recommended by the Association for Professional Fundraisers.

Principles of Allocation

We are committed to your donor dollars making it to the trails to do the work of maintenance and restoration and for outreach into our community.

Communication Matters

Timely, thorough and thoughtful communication with you and our community ensures that all stakeholders are confident in the work we do.  We regularly communicate with you through our newsletters and provide you with our Annual Report to provide the transparency you desire.

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