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Front Country Trails

Franklin Trail

Franklin is a beautiful and well traveled trail in Carpenteria. CURRENTLY, the third phase, which begins at 5.2mi, is being restored by the Santa Barbara Trails Council, Los Padres Forrest Association and Ray Ford.

Romero Canyon Trailhead

Romero Canyon Trail
Romero Jeepway

This 7-mile route that connects the trailhead to Camino Cielo was restored after the Thomas Fire and 1/9 Debris Flow in May 2017. The project was over-seen and financed by Santa Barbara Mountain Bike Volunteers and Montecito Trails Foundation, and completed by Ray Ford and Los Padres Forest Association.

Buena Vista Trail

A favorite single-track trail that connects San Ysidro and Romero Canyons, Buena Vista Trail was restored in August 2017. The project was over-seen by Montecito Trails Foundation, financed by Montecito Community Foundation and The Odell Family Foundation. The project saw work from Ray Ford, Los Padres Forest Association and volunteers. The Buena Vista trail is lovingly over-seen by trail steward Paul Cronshaw. 

San Ysidro Trailhead

Wiman Trail
Old Pueblo Trail
San Ysidro Trail
Girard Trail
McMenemy Trail

Hot Springs Trailhead

Saddle Rock
Hot Springs Creek Trail
Hot Springs Connector

Cold Spring

East Fork
West Fork

Upper Cold Spring

Community Trails

Our trails that connect the community. Winding through Summerland, Carpenteria and Montecito.

Peter Bakewell Trail

Ennisbrook Trail

Ortega Hill and Ortega Ridge Rd.

Coffin Family Trail
Valley Club Trail
Cynthia Wood Trail
QAD Trail
Ortega Hill Trail
Summerland Connector Trails

Greenwell Avenue Trail Access

Reservoir Trail
Perkins Trail
Ed Clark Trail
Bella Vista Ranch Trail
Toro Canyon Creek Connector

Toro Canyon Park

Alice de Creeft Trail
Toro Ridge Trail
Toro Ridge Trail
Lower Toro Ridge Trail