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Misson Statement

The Montecito Trails Foundation (MTF) is dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of public trails in Montecito, Summerland and Carpinteria.

Established is 1964, MTF is a volunteer organization funded through tax-deductible membership dues and donations. MTF works in collaboration with local agencies and non-profit entities to ensure the continued use of the area's scenic trails. 

Board Members

Ashlee Mayfield, President

Paddy McMahon, Vice President

Kyle Slattery, Treasurer

Sheila Snow, Secretary

Kristiana Almeida (ms.kristiana@gmail.com)

Monty Amyx ( montyamyx@verizon.net)

James Aviani ( james.aviani@gmail.com)

Barbara Cleveland ( bcleve3@cox.net)

Ashlee Mayfield (ashleemayfield@mac.com)

Paddy McMahon (paddymcmahon@verizon.net)

Jenni Miller (jennifer@nshmlaw.com)

Tony Morris (tonymorrisca@gmail.com)

Jane Murray (ltvolunteer@yahoo.com)

Kyle Slattery ( kylenslattery@yahoo.com)

Kevin Snow ( haybarn@cox.net)

Sheila Snow ( sossb@silcom.com)

Hans Van Koppen ( hansvk@cox.net)

Our board meetings are a little more formal than this.

Some of our History


The Montecito Riding and Hiking Trails Association was organized.



The Montecito Trails Foundation was formed to:

Preserve historic Indian and Spanish trails in southern SB County

Acquire and develop new trails per requirements of the County Gen'l Plan

Maintain and improve existing trails for public use

Partner with SB County to widen trails for public safety



The Cynthia Woods trail is built.



The first official MTF trails map (map Chairman, Norman Vincent) is printed, and 163 members join.



The Romero Canyon connector trail is built, from the So Cal Edison towers down to the old campgrounds.



Old Saddlerock trail is reopened.



The Association reaches 155 members.



In March the trail through Casa Dorinda was approved by the County Board of Supervisors, and recorded.



The Robertson trail is completed.



The Ramsey Harris trail is completed.



Si Jenkins sponsors the Fearing Trail (also know as Tupper-Fearing trail), named after Colonel Fearing, who lived at 777 Romero Canyon.



The Girard Trail is constructed



The Association reaches 1420 members.



The Association reaches 1081 members.



The newly revised MTF map is published.



MTF’s 40th birthday! New signs posted on 300 trails.



Severe storm damage incurred. MTF spends most of 2006 rebuilding washed out trails.



The George Collins Memorial Trail over the Buena Vista Water Company property links the San Ysidro, Romero Canyon, and Old Pueblo Trail *(from the 1968 annual letter)